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Over the years and in addition to the speeches he gave in various roles, Don wrote various articles and letters to the editor, some of which are recorded below.

Right of reply, please!

3 December 2006

The last edition of The Independent Financial Review contained not one but two highly distorted views of my time as leader of the National Party.

Reply to Tariana Turia

28 September 2006

In the last few days, a storm has broken out about the National Party’s policy on things Maori, with Tariana Turia making it clear that she intends to withdraw her acceptance of my invitation to dinner next month.

Should we discourage Muslim immigrants?

15 August 2006

A few weeks ago, I gave a speech in which I expressed strong support for a continuing immigration programme, but argued that all immigrants should be expected to share New Zealand’s “bedrock values” of respect for democracy and the rule of law, religious and personal freedom, and legal equality of...

The wheels are falling off

Canterbury's Digest. 25 June 2006

When Simon Nutt invited me to write 900 words for the next issue of Canterbury’s Digest, my problem was knowing which of so many issues to focus on!

Talking to Austin Mitchell MP

26 April 2006

It`s pretty unusual for the Governor of any Reserve Bank to become Leader of the Opposition. In fact I`m the only example I’m aware of, but I had been politically active before I became Governor. I stood for the National Party in a by-election back in 1980 and in the...

Reply to Jeff Gamlin

17 March 2006

I often enjoy Jeff Gamlin’s articles but in your last issue he was seriously off beam in several respects.

Kiwis can fly, but not under this Government

8 March 2006

In the last few weeks, there have been lots of indications that the economy is slowing down – with business confidence as measured by the Institute of Economic Research at its lowest level in 35 years being the clearest indication.

Welfare reform not about fiscal savings

22 January 2006

Twelve months ago, I gave a major speech to the Orewa Rotary Club about the National Party’s commitment to welfare reform.

An open letter to Chris Trotter

The Independent. 20 November 2005

Dear Chris,

“The fight for the Centre is really the fight for Mediocrity”

15 September 2005

“The fight for the Centre is really the fight for Mediocrity.”— David Lange, quoted in Sunday Star Times, 20 Apr 2003.

How lower taxes will help you and the New Zealand economy

Canterbury's Digest. 18 June 2005

A month or so ago, Michael Cullen presented his sixth, and hopefully final, Budget to Parliament. It revealed that he plans to rake in some $48 billion in tax in the year which began on 1 July this year, a full 50% increase on the tax revenue received in 1999/2000,...

Leader's message

16 May 2005

By the time you read this message, Helen Clark may well have panicked and called an election for the end of July – in which case, our annual conference will be an important part of the election campaign.

National and social welfare

Canterbury's Digest. 25 March 2005

Late in January, at Orewa, I gave a major speech on the National Party’s policy on social welfare. Many people asked why I chose such a topic when unemployment is the lowest it has been for more than two decades and, indeed, lower than in any other developed country.

Letter to East & Bays Courier re: solo parents

East & Bays Courier. 4 February 2005

The front page of your 28 January edition is headlined “Mother hits back at Brash”, and gives the story of a solo mother of 22, with a 10-month-old daughter.


10 January 2005

The five-year term of the Clark Government has been marked by profound and often deeply controversial changes to our social order. Civil unions will soon be a feature of New Zealand society. Prostitution has been legalised.

Should we have more referenda?

26 December 2004

To the surprise of many of my friends, I voted against the Civil Union Bill in the final stages of the Parliamentary debate on that legislation, despite voting in favour of its first reading. And I did that not because I had suddenly become convinced that homosexual partnerships are inherently...

National priorities

Indian Newslink. 18 August 2004

With about a year to go until the general election, the process of formulating the policies that National will campaign on is not yet complete. National spokespeople are working hard with sector groups and the community to develop these policies.

What worries me about New Zealand

1 August 2004

Just over two years ago, I resigned from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand after almost 14 years as Governor, with the specific intention of standing for Parliament in the general election a few months later.

What are we coming to?

12 June 2004

Early last month, I headed off to visit four of the five capitals of most relevance to New Zealand’s future – Washington, London, Beijing, and Canberra. It was a very interesting series of meetings, which gave me a great opportunity to get up to speed on current thinking on a...

Questionnaire from Next

12 June 2004

Where were you born and how old are you?

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