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In 2015, Don began writing articles for elocal, a monthly magazine focused on the Franklin county/Karaka area of South Auckland. In recent years, it has been available both in print and digital editions (the latter at www.elocal.co.nz). In reverse chronological order, these are those articles.

Where to begin?

elocal Magazine, ed. 240. 28 February 2021

So much has happened since I wrote my last column for the February edition that it’s hard to know what on Earth to focus on both internationally and here in New Zealand.

Trump: the worst U.S. President in my lifetime

elocal Magazine, ed. 239. 30 January 2021

Days after Donald Trump was elected as US President in November 2016, I wrote one of my very first columns for Elocal. This was my opening paragraph:

We have gone mad!

elocal Magazine, ed. 238. 7 January 2021

Earlier this year, I wrote a column headed “The country is going mad”. I was wrong: we have already gone mad. I produce three pieces of evidence.

Further proof we've gone mad

elocal Magazine, ed. 238. 7 January 2021

My column this month argues that we’ve gone mad, with the widespread push to create local government wards based on race; with the increasing use of the Maori language in situations where almost nobody understands it; and with the rather ridiculous assertion that in 1840 Maori chiefs didn’t really surrender...

House prices have gone crazy! Who's to blame this time?

elocal Magazine, ed. 237. 28 November 2020

In the middle of November, the Real Institute reported that the median house price across New Zealand had risen by 19.8 percent over the year to the end of October. Across the country as a whole, the median price had risen to an astonishing $725,000, while in the Auckland region...

An extraordinary result

elocal Magazine, ed. 236. 31 October 2020

This year’s election is one for the history books: it was the first since MMP was introduced in 1996 which resulted in a single party being able to govern without the aid of allies.

Left vs. right

elocal Newsfeed. 12 October 2020

It was suggested that I do an additional short article 10 days out from the election with an appraisal of the economic policies being proposed by Labour and National. I’ve found this extraordinarily hard to do!

The six big issues this election should deal with!

elocal Magazine, ed. 235. 3 October 2020

As I write, there’s one month to go. Everybody will have their own views about what problems the next Government should try to solve, but for me six issues should be priorities.

COVID-19 raises some very tough questions

elocal Magazine, ed. 234. 5 September 2020

As I write this month, Auckland is again in a Level 3 lockdown, with all the frustrations and irritations of that situation. I myself got caught up in a huge traffic jam, which had four lanes of traffic (including the bus lane) at a total stand-still for more than an...

Politics is an unpredictable game

elocal Magazine, ed. 233. 1 August 2020

Not 48 hours after I sent what I thought was the final version of this column to the editor, events proved just how true the headline was: Todd Muller resigned as Leader of the National Party just eight weeks after he assumed the role.

The new racism

elocal Magazine, ed. 232. 4 July 2020

Unless you were living under a stone, you will know that towards the end of May a black American by the name of George Floyd was killed when a white police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes, while three other police officers looked on.

That Budget

elocal Magazine, ed. 231. 31 May 2020

In the middle of May, the Government announced its Budget for the next financial year. New Zealand has never seen anything remotely like it. It made clear the Government’s intention to spend vast sums of money in an attempt to protect New Zealanders from the economic shock caused by the...

Have we been conned?

elocal Magazine, ed. 230. 6 May 2020

Perhaps it is dangerous to write about such a fast-moving situation as the Covid-19 pandemic when what I write may not be published for 10 days or more, but at time of writing my strong impression is that the public believe that the Government has done a remarkably good job...

A month can be a very long time

elocal Magazine, ed. 229. 3 April 2020

It’s hard to believe that when I signed off my article for the March edition of elocal, on 11 February, I didn’t mention the words ‘pandemic’, ‘coronavirus’, or ‘Covid-19’. In the four or five weeks since, the media – and I mean all the media – have talked about almost...

Election 2020: what should we hope for?

elocal Magazine, ed. 228. 29 February 2020

It seems no time at all since we were celebrating (or lamenting) the election of the Labour–New Zealand First–Green Government in 2017. And now, in little more than six months’ time, we’re going to the polls again.

The country is going mad

elocal Magazine, ed. 227. 1 February 2020

There are two pieces of legislation wending their way through Parliament at the moment designed to further entrench the crazy notion that the Treaty of Waitangi created an obligation on governments nearly 200 years later to treat anybody with a Maori ancestor in some kind of preferential way.

The pros and cons of foreign investment

elocal Magazine, ed. 226. 1 January 2020

A few years ago, when I wrote my autobiography, I included a chapter called “The challenge of making economic policy in a democracy”. In that chapter, I tried to debunk a lot of commonly held myths about economic policy. There are lots of them:

House prices again

elocal Magazine, ed. 225. 30 November 2019

Regular readers of “elocal” will think I have a fixation about house prices. I’ve written on the subject twice already this year, most recently just two months ago. But several things have prompted me to write on the subject again.

Let's teach New Zealand history

elocal Magazine, ed. 224. 2 November 2019

A few weeks ago, the Government announced that as from 2022 teaching New Zealand history would be a mandatory part of the school curriculum, at both primary and secondary level.

KiwiBuild's gone, and the Government's credibility with it

elocal Magazine, ed. 223. 28 September 2019

Several months ago, it was abundantly clear that KiwiBuild was a complete failure.

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