Incredible Luck

10 April 2014

Don's book, 'Incredible Luck', is available for purchase as an eBook on by following this link.

Don Brash has been closely involved in the economic and political life of New Zealand for more than four decades - as economist, chief executive of Broadbank, the New Zealand Kiwifruit Authority, and Trust Bank, chairman of numerous government advisory committees, Governor of the Reserve Bank, company director, orchardist, and Leader of both the National Party and ACT.

Part of this book is about his life, but it's not a conventional autobiography. Rather it's his own assessment of where he succeeded and where he failed. He chose the title of the book in recognition of the fact that he has been almost unbelievably fortunate - starting off with being born in New Zealand in the middle of the 20th century. There aren't many better places to be born, nor better times in human history to be alive.

But the book is more than that. It is also a record of his views on a wide range of issues: the Treaty industry, religion, drug laws, New Zealand's relationship with China, the difficulty of making policy when so few people have any real understanding of economics, an assessment of the Key Government, and the future of democracy.

It's the only book he's written since his doctoral dissertation in the sixties - aside of course from umpteen reports on taxation, monetary policy, and other economic issues - and he says it will be his last.


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