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In 2015, Don began writing articles for elocal, a monthly magazine focused on the Franklin county/Karaka area of South Auckland. In recent years, it has been available both in print and digital editions (the latter at www.elocal.co.nz). In reverse chronological order, these are those articles.

Should the age of eligibility for New Zealand Superannuation be raised?

elocal Magazine, ed. 171. 29 May 2015

Last year, I published a book called “Incredible Luck”. The book covered a lot of issues, but at one point I criticised the present Government for its unwillingness to forewarn the public of the inevitable need to increase the age of eligibility for NZ Super.

House prices in Auckland

elocal Magazine, ed. 170. 30 April 2015

Almost every time I pick up the Herald it seems to carry another story of rising house prices in Auckland. It’s either a story of a happy home owner reflecting on how much they have “made” by buying a house a few years ago, or a story of a desperate...

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